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January Update

Happy new year! Here are some of the things we were busy with at the end of 2020 and are looking forward to in 2021:

We are excited to be planning our first event on 27 January. Do join Social Value Ireland if you wish to attend.

Two days prior to that, we shall be taking part in an OECD Expert Meeting on Social Impact Measurement for the Social and Solidarity Economy which is part of this project and should be very interesting.

In December, together with many other global players we co-signed a response to an IFRS consultation on the creation of a Sustainability Standards Board.

Whitebarn Consulting also responded to a consultation on Social Value Principle 2. If you wish to make any comments yourself on this principle, which is about understanding what changes, you can do so by 26 January.

In early February, Quality Matters will be running a six-week SROI Practitioner course. There are some places left if you wish to sign up.

And finally, you can review some recent blogs we have written:



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