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Social Value International has formulated 10 Impact Questions that your organisation should be able to answer.

Social Value UK has produced a free Social Value Self Assessment Tool.

Important documents about the social value approach, including its relationship with other approaches, can be found in the Standards and Guidance section of the Social Value International website.

The Global Value Exchange is a crowd sourced database containing over 30,000 social impact metrics.

There are undoubtedly overlaps between accounting for social value and natural capital accounting: Natural Capital Ireland is therefore interesting to explore.

Accredited Social Value Practitioners in Ireland

Social Value International has a Practitioner Status Pathway.

There are very few practitioners in Ireland at the moment and we would love to see many more.

Level 1 - there is currently one Level 1 Associate Practitioner in Ireland

Level 2 - there are currently no Level 2 Accredited Practitioners in Ireland

Level 3 – these are the current Level 3 Advanced Practitioners in Ireland:

Social Value Reports

Below are sample social value reports that have been produced in Ireland measuring the social impact/value/return on investment of specific programmes or organisations. In order to ensure quality, we believe strongly that any report that is released into the public domain should be assured by Social Value International or undergo similar external scrutiny (for example, academic peer review).

Social Value Management Certificate

The Social Value Management Certificate can be awarded to an organisation, a department or franchise, or a specific programme/project being run by an organisation.

It assesses the extent to which social value is being managed in its day-to-day practice. There are currently no Irish organisations that have applied for and gained the certificate.

Social Value Ireland Terms of Reference

Download Social Value Ireland's Terms of Reference document here.


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