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Why should I use JMR Logistix Auto Transport?

We recognize that your vehicle is one of your most prized possessions and an item of value to be respected at all times. We understand that your vehicle is an integral part of your life and the time it is unavailable to you must be minimized. As properly licensed and insured, we'll guarantee your peace of mind and transport your vehicle in the most professional, safe, efficient, and expeditious manner possible.

Is JMR Logistix Auto Transport Licensed and Bonded?

Yes we are! We maintain a surety bond with the federal government pursuant to 49 U.S.C. §13906(b) as well as licensed and registered with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. MC# 1142880 US DOT# 3481694 SCAC: JMRS JMR Logistix Incorporated Lynn, MA 01904

How am I insured during transit and what insurance covers my vehicle?

The actual car carrier, auto hauler provides the insurance. Your car will be insured against in transit damage by the transport truck that we assign. These trucks carry between $750,000 to $1,000,000 in liability insurance and $100,000 to $250,000 in cargo insurance, depending on the size and type of their equipment. These are the minimums when it comes to federal mandated insurance requirements made by the FMCSA (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration). We go through a rigorous check on our car carriers to make sure they have an impeccable safety record and are fully insured. We do this to ensure you have a worry-free and memorable experience.

How did you obtain this price to provide me a quote?

The way JMR Logistix Auto Transport obtains price is based on several factors: -Distance -Pick up and drop off locations -Car hauler demand -Car hauler availability -Time of year When you receive a quote from us, We kept all these different points in mind and the price is what was paid for a similar route with similar vehicle characteristics as you in the last 15 days. We provide a realistic price to make sure a car hauler agrees to transport your vehicle, If we offer you a low price that is not realistic it will only affect us both when no carrier will agree to transport.

How do I prepare my vehicle for transit?

-Gather keys to vehicle, including for gas cap and trunk if required -Inform us of any aftermarket modifications -Gas tank ¼ to ½ full -Good tire pressure (Open your driver side door and you will see the specs on the required PSI) -Working driver’s door and window -Working brakes -Charged battery -No leaks -Remove your personal belongings. -Remove accessories and aftermarket parts. -Turn off all alarm systems -Remove non-retractable antennas -Remove dash-mounted and interior aftermarket accessories -Take down luggage, ski and bike racks -Don’t forget to grab your garage door opener, music collection and other personal items. even your toll transponder (If you have a sticker toll transponder, unfortunately that must be removed)

How do I pay?

The balance is to be paid directly to the driver upon delivery of your vehicle cash, cashier's check or money order only. *They Do Not Accept Debit/Credit Cards*

It says no money upfront but why am I getting charged a deposit?

The deposit is paid only until a carrier has been assigned to your vehicle, the auto carrier asks for a deposit to reserve a spot in their truck. JMR Logistix Auto Transport accepts debit/credit cards to process the payment. Online or over the phone. We accept all major credit cards, Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express.

Can you ship inoperable or unsual vehicles?

Absolutely! We specialize in unusual vehicles such as antiques, classic and exotic cars and accommodate oversized vehicles.We have also transported custom made sports cars. For inoperable vehicles, please let us know at the time of booking so we can dispatch a special carrier. Failure to advice us will result in a $100 fee as this will result in sending you the incorrect auto hauler and causing delays in your transit

On what kind of transporter will my vehicle be carried?

We offer open car carriers or enclosed car carriers, based on your requirement and the nature of your car. Most are transported via multiple open car carriers, the same type used to transport new vehicles from the manufacturing plant to dealerships. There are many different types of auto hauling, open car carrier trailers, ranging from small three car carriers to the large 11 car carriers. For the cars that are classic or exotic there are enclosed trailers that will not exposed the vehicle to extreme weather conditions or elements so that there is no damage caused. If you decide to go with the enclosed carrier there are great benefits, The transporting cost is higher compared to open carrier.

How long will it take to pick-up and delivery my vehicle?

We can not guarantee pick up dates but with the date you provide we do keep that in mind. We post your vehicle on a loadboard that our network of carriers look into. We provide a 10-14 day window to pick up and delivery.

How exactly is my car transported?

Our transportation process is simple. -On the scheduled day for shipping the carrier will come to your door to pick up your vehicle. -During the pickup and drop-off of the vehicle, the carrier will complete a detailed physical inspection of the vehicle called the "bill of lading", This is similar to car rentals before the keys are given to you. -This inspection is performed with you to review any damage found on the vehicle before being loaded on the car hauler, the same is done upon delivery. -Your vehicle is carefully loaded and secured in place on the car hauler, an experienced professional driver will transport it. -At your destination, your vehicle will be carefully off-loaded. At that time we ask that you, or your designated representative, re-inspect the vehicle and accept delivery by signing the same "bill of lading" Overall, it is simple, safe, and effortless.

What happens if damage occurs in transit?

Auto transport experiences are worry-free, with your damage-free vehicle arriving at the estimated time. If a vehicle is damaged in transit:

  • Note all damage on your bill of lading” inspection report (see item above)
  • Obtain the driver's signature
  • **No claims will be honored if the damage is not noted at the time of delivery and acknowledged by the auto hauler driver**
  • Prior to leaving your car with a driver or car transport company, be sure you receive the "bill of lading" which is the inspection report.
  • This report provides pick-up and delivery information, current mileage, and MOST IMPORTANTLY shows the condition of your car at time of pick-up and shows pre-existing scratches and dents, cracked glass/mirrors, general paint condition, etc. Keep this report and use it when you receive your vehicle.
  • Your balance is still due P.O.D (Payment on delivery) for the transportation charges. Paying the transport bill will NOT jeopardize your claim.
  • The auto transporting carrier will not take the vehicle off the truck until payment has been made.
  • You cannot withhold or deduct monies from the P.O.D amount to cover any damage that may have occurred while in transit.
  • All claims are handled separately with the carrier's insurance once the actual auto hauler carrier have received the signed bill of lading noting the damages (the bill of lading is a legal document 49 CFR § 375.505)
**Please contact your JMR Logistix go to agent right away if damage is found on your vehicle** JMR Logistix Inc: (978)228-5371 Emergency direct contact : (603)793-1524

Do I have to be present when my vehicle is picked up?

You or a designated person, Must be present upon pick up of your vehicle to sign the bill of lading which is an inspection report that the driver performs with you to review if there is any damage on the car before loading it on the truck, the same is done upon delivery

What If I need to cancel my auto transport?

We understand changes occur and you may need to cancel your order. This can be done at any time as long as your vehicle has not been assigned to a truck for pick up.

  • If your vehicle has an auto hauler assigned to you (space reserved on auto hauler) then your deposit will be non-refundable.
  • If you cancel and your vehicle has an auto hauler assigned to you (space reserved on auto hauler) and you have paid in full then only 50% of your payment will be refunded.

Is my vehicle insured during shipment?

Yes, your vehicle is insured from the time it is picked up until the time it is delivered.

Can I ship personal iteams in my vehicle?

No unfortunately The department of transportation (D.O.T) and the F.M.C.S.A does not allow the transportation of "personal items" in a vehicle that is being transported by an auto hauler. It is a liability for the carrier company as they are responsible for their freight/cargo. Unfortunately, we are not responsible for personal items left inside the vehicle as they are not covered by the auto hauler's insurance (only your vehicle).

What should I do with my EZ-Pass or automatic toll pass?

Please remove your E-ZPass or any other electronic toll collection mechanism from your vehicle entirely and mail it to your destination or bring it with you. Due to the nature of the automated toll road systems, if your device is left in your car as it is transported, you will incur toll fees as if you were driving the vehicle. JMR Logistix Inc will not take responsibility for this avoidable expense.

Is there a way to track my vehicle's progress?

Of course! Your JMR Logistix Auto Transport go to agent will be in contact with you with real-time update on your vehicle’s location and estimated arrival time or contact JMR Logistix anytime during the shipping process at (978)228-5371.

What if my vehicle is not roadworthy?

We can move inoperable vehicles. There is an additional fee for this service, but as long as the vehicle can be rolled and steered, we can load it onto our standard carriers.