Why join Social Value Ireland?

Social Value Ireland is a network of individuals and organisations who are interested in changing the way Irish society accounts for value.  The primary focus of the network is the not-for-profit/charitable/social enterprise sector, but the network is nonetheless open to representatives from the statutory, academic and business communities who share an interest in the optimisation of social value.


  • To generate a better understanding of the concept of social value in Ireland

  • To encourage greater numbers of organisations in Ireland to account for social value

  • To build the capacity of Irish social value practitioners and support them in their work

  • To strive for quality in social value measurement and reporting in Ireland

  • To build a bank of knowledge and data, including indicators and values, that is specific to Ireland

  • To urge policy-makers, commissioners and funders in Ireland to consider social value in their decision-making.


Become a member of Social Value Ireland free of charge.

Please use the expression of interest form below to register. We will be in touch with you shortly thereafter to complete the process.

Contact info@socialvalueireland.ie for assistance.

Membership Benefits

Discounted Social
On Investment training

3 networking & learning events per year, including group coaching

Dedicated and continually updated website with resources and news

Invitations to become involved in other
social value initiatives