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Doughnut Anyone?

Updated: Jan 21, 2021

Actions speak louder than words. For instance, the decision to let prime space in an iconic Dublin building to a 'US doughnut giant’ gives us an indication of what we value in our urban environment. An unsurprising decision, perhaps, given that this is the former Central Bank building, but a telling one nonetheless.

But doughnuts aren’t all bad. If you are not familiar with Kate Raworth and her work on ‘doughnut economics’ do check it out. Her 2014 TEDx talk is a particularly inspiring introduction.

A lot of what we do as social value practitioners is focused on local communities, individual organisations or even single services/programmes. It is helpful, from time to time, to consider the broader context too. And this is where the doughnut approach can provide a useful lens. And if you decide you wish to explore this whole way of looking at things further, it also provides a very good framework for action. DEAL, the Doughnut Economics Action Lab, has been established and already has plenty of Irish members. An Irish Doughnut Economics Network has also been established. Learn more here:

And/or you could just munch on a doughnut or two!


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