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New Evidence Hub Launched

31 May 2023 saw the launch of an exciting new initiative, namely the What Works Ireland Evidence Hub. This provides information about prevention and early intervention programmes that have been evaluated rigorously and have been shown to improve outcomes for children and young people. It was developed by the Department of Children, Equality, Disability, Integration and Youth in conjunction with What Works for Early Intervention and Children’s Social Care. It is the first of its kind in Ireland, of relevance to policymakers, service commissioners, service providers and others, not least those with an interest in social value. The Evidence Hub includes well over 100 programmes, each of which has an evidence rating and cost rating, together with a host of additional information. A quick initial search on the easy to use online tool located three programmes currently delivered in Ireland that have the highest possible evidence rating, namely the Blues programme, the Incredible Years Preschool programme and Multi-Systemic Therapy (evidence for the latter is mixed, however).

There will be an open call in the coming months in which organisations can apply to have their programmes assessed for inclusion in the Evidence Hub, so if this is of potential interest to you, do check it out.


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