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Becoming an Accredited Practitioner

It has been ten years since Sandra Velthuis of Whitebarn Consulting, one of the founders of Social Value Ireland, began writing her Confessions of a first time SROI practitioner series. This was a detailed, warts-and-all look at all that was involved in undertaking a social value study from start to finish. It still, hopefully, contains some useful lessons. The full series can be found here:

At that time, completing an SROI report entirely solo and and getting this assured by the then SROI Network was the only way to become an Accredited Practitioner. This process has thankfully become more nuanced with the introduction of the new Social Value International Professional Pathway. It can still be challenging though. However, nobody has to go through this process alone and there is lots of support available from Social Value Ireland and others.

So if you are contemplating taking the plunge in 2023, please go for it. The world needs more people who believe that accounting for social value is essential.


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