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Advisory Group Members Wanted

If your work involves valuing social impact through monetisation (that is, adding equivalent financial values to outcomes that may not have a market value) then you will know how challenging this can be. It is always useful to be able to look at other similar studies that have been done. This is where the Global Value Exchange - a free online database of outcomes, indicators and valuations - used to play an important role. It certainly wasn’t perfect, but it was a great resource for social value practitioners. Unfortunately, the project went into hiatus some years ago and has been sorely missed since then.

Great news! Social Value UK is working with Envoy Partnership to redevelop the Global Value Exchange. They are presently recruiting an Advisory Group to support the development of the updated database. They are particularly looking for people who have experience and expertise in managing other social value products, sourcing data in a variety of sectors, ethical use of data, and undertaking a range of social value analyses. The time commitment for Advisory Group would be roughly four hours per month.

If you are interest in applying, do hurry because the closing date for receipt of expressions of interest is 9 March 2023. See here for further details.



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